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Welcome, all are welcome in this parish!

We want to be of service to you as you seek to find your way to God through Jesus Christ in the Roman Catholic Tradition.

There are many ways to be a Catholic in these times. In our parish we try to encourage you to think for yourselves, to be a bit intentional about what you consider for belief, and to believe that you and your life are a mystery, the same with all of us.

We believe that our mission comes from hearing the Gospel and that the Gospel calls us to transform the sadness of the world with Good News.

You will find people here in this parish who will take you seriously whether you just stop by as a visitor, come to us to baptize your baby, celebrate a marriage or funeral.

We have no Parish Council, we don’t take up collections at Sunday Mass, we encourage you to decide, to choose to support the mission and ministry of the parish with your resources as you see fit.

We try to create ongoing conversations that discuss the religious education and faith formation of all of us not just children.

The most important work of our parish is the Liturgy for Sunday.

It is a matter of the highest priority to make our weekend liturgies attractive human experiences for us; experiences that help us hear the Word that comes from the heart of God.

We invite you to explore the rest of this website and let us know how we might help you. 

Father Niblick







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